A Beautiful Note And Update On One Of Our COCKAPOO PUPPIES . . .

A Beautiful Note And Update On One Of Our COCKAPOO PUPPIES . . .

There is nothing more wonderful than to receive a note and photos on the puppies that leave Countryview.

A year ago I had the privilege to photograph Cooper, an adorable Cockapoo, before he left Countryview Kennel.  Here he is back in May of 2014 :

alt="Cockapoo Puppies For sale in Ontario"
Cockapoo Puppies For Sale

What a cutie he was and now look at him:


Here is what Cooper’s family tells us:

“We received our Cockapoo Puppy from Countryview Kennels a year ago, this week, and we couldn’t be happier with Cooper.  He is a happy and healthy puppy who we adore. Everyone who meets him loves his fun and friendly personality.    He keeps us laughing every day.”  Brad & Jessie F.

Thank you so much, Jessie and Brad, for sending us these updated photos of Cooper and for letting us know how he is doing!  It is so neat to see how much he has changed. . .  and I love the color of his ears and nose area.  He really looks like he is very much loved and cared for!

There you have it dear folks, a wonderful update on one of our cute Cockapoos, purchased a year ago, from Countryview Kennel.

We’d love to hear more stories about how our customers are doing with their new four-pawed friend from Countryview.  Please email us at countryview@live.ca



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