New COCKAPOO and LABRADOODLE Puppies Coming Soon!

New COCKAPOO and LABRADOODLE Puppies Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to have more Cockapoo and Labradoodles puppies coming soon. Here’s a photo from one of our earlier Cockapoo puppies that has happily found a home!

Cockapoo Boy At Countryview Kennel

Please call ahead to get your name in to reserve a sweet puppy for you and your family.

We confidently offer you a one year, genetic, health guarantee (eyes, hips, heart) with our adorable puppies that come to you: vet checked, de-wormed, and with their first shots. Countryview runs this health inspected, registered kennel as a family affair and your dogs will be well socialized as our children love to interact and play with them daily.

Please watch for new photos coming in two weeks time.  Our puppies just need to grow a bit first.  🙂

Which breed do you like best?  We’d love to hear your comments!


2 thoughts on “New COCKAPOO and LABRADOODLE Puppies Coming Soon!

  1. We are interested in finding a labradoodle puppy to be friends with Finn, our 5 year old Portuguese waterdog ,as well as our 3 daughters who are 15, 13, snd 11. My sister in law, Leanne Townsend has one of your blonde labradoodles, Jasoer , whom we love.

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    1. Oh that’s wonderful, Kim! You need to tell Leanne to send in a recent photo her blonde Labradoodle. We’d love an update. Our current labradoodles still need a few weeks to grow however, they will be photographed next Thursday . . . If you call 519-698-2784, we’d love to help you. The emails don’t always get checked right away.

      Thank you for your interest!


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