Meet “Winnie” . . . A Labradoodle From A Year Ago . . .

Meet “Winnie” . . . A Labradoodle From A Year Ago . . .

Welcome to our dog-loving readers!

I would like to introduce you to this wonderful Labradoodle named Winnie!

Winnie left Countryview on August the 8th of 2014 with her new family and just recently sent us these wonderful photos of their much loved Labradoodle.

Winnie’s family has this to share about her:

“Just thought I’d send a few words to your about our adorable Winnie. We picked her up from you last August 8th (she was born on April 27/14).

We just love her so much, and she is an amazing dog. She picks tricks up so quickly, and was house broken in 4 days. She is my little shadow, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she loves our grandchildren, and loves to race around with them, and swim in our pool. Couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is my world.

Regina E.”

Thank you for the wonderful update! How rewarding for us to see how this Labradoodle is bringing such joy!

Check out more updates from other customers here and here.

For those of you wanting to purchase a Labradoodle, like Winnie, we do have two adorable litters that are busy growing so that they can leave us at about eight weeks of age. As usual, they will be carefully checked over by a vet, dewormed and also have their first shots. Please contact us soon to reserve your Labradoodle puppy.


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