Our Sweet “Daffodil” Welcomed A Beautiful Litter!

Our Sweet “Daffodil” Welcomed A Beautiful Litter!

We have a proud mama here at Countryview . . . Daffodil and our Cockapoo dad named Carmel welcomed two lovely girls (top photo) and three energetic boys on September 4, 2015.


Don’t let the size of the wee boy deter you from him . . . He just takes after his daddy who is around 9 or 10 pounds. He sure is a cutie. And boy, is that little one ever alert! He does really well to keep up with his siblings.


Most of our Cockapoo puppies grow up to be around 20 pounds. Some favor the more curly coat of the poodle or more like their mama – a pure Cocker Spaniel. They are carefully looked after by our family which includes many children. A vet will come out to our place to give them their first shots and will deworm them only after he has carefully checked over each one to make sure that they are as healthy and happy as can be. This usually happens at around six weeks of age.

Please call us if you have any questions at all. We are available Monday through Saturdays.

Thank you!

Have a happy day!


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