Cockapoo & Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Ontario

Cockapoo & Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Ontario

This weekend was happily busy at Countryview Kennel.  We had eleven different families come and visit us to try and find that perfect match to join their family.  Here’s a quick update on what we have left.

We are pleased to let you know there is only one little boy left in the January 2, 2016 litter of Cockapoos which has 3 boys and 1 girl (pictured alone). ALL SOLD!

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Our Labradoodles born on Christmas Day, have 2 little boys left, and there one sweet boy left from our December 11 litter!

Thank you so much for allowing us to do what we enjoy as a whole family.  The children are involved daily in the care of our puppies to make sure they are children friendly, and the vet comes out when the puppies are six weeks of age.  He carefully inspects each one for overall health including the eyes, hips and heart.

Please call us at 519-698-2784 for any questions you may have or to set up an appointment!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Wagging Tails For You . . .

Happy Wagging Tails For You . . .

There are so many families in Ontario that are searching for their new, forever, four-pawed friend.

Our Cockapoo puppies are definitely a sought after breed and we are so pleased to present this little girl who also has a sweet sister and brother.  They are really at a cute age now (born on December 12, 2015) and such fun!  It’s hard to believe how fast they grow and change from one week to the next.  Her siblings are just as adorable as she is.

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We know many of you are also interested in the Labradoodles we have for sale and heard you loved reading about one of our Labradoodles from four years ago.  Countryview Kennel is so pleased to let you know, that there are still three boys left from our December 11, 2015 litter.  After those are gone, we are busy caring for a beautiful, curly coated litter that was born on Christmas Day.

What a precious Christmas Day gift!  Can you imagine celebrating your new pups birthday this coming Christmas?  What fun!

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There are four bouncing boys in this litter and we photographed two of the four to show you their identical curly coats.  But let me tell you, they each have their own unique temperament and you need to come out and see which one will best fit into your family.

Yes, there is a fit for you among all these happy hearts, wet noses, and wagging tails.

One Of Our Labradoodles . . . Four Years Later!

One Of Our Labradoodles . . . Four Years Later!

We always love when former customers check in with us and share the latest news and a photo on their friend purchased from us.  It doesn’t matter to us if that furry friend was purchased a month ago or five years ago.

Here is a lovely photo of one of our soft, fluffy Labradoodles sent in to us from the Richmond family.


This sweet fluff ball moved all the way to the U.S.A.  The family writes:

“Hope everyone is doing well!  Who could believe it’s been four years since Bella moved to the U.S.A. with us.  You did a great job of raising her till 8 weeks–she has a very good temperament and your pics were priceless . . . much love!”

Thank you so much, Richmond Family, for sending in this photo to us.  We can see there is a lot of love for your four-legged family member.

We’d love to see more photos and hear more stories!  Send them to  Watch for more stories coming soon!

Have a wonderful day!