Theo Is So Loved!

Theo Is So Loved!

Theo is a wonderful, little Cockapoo boy that left us over 2 years ago.   His family loves him very much and wants to share his sweet cuteness with everyone by sharing these photos they sent in!  They write these beautiful and kind words:

“We are SO happy with our Theo from Countryview who is 2 ½ years old.  The 1st picture is Theo at 8 weeks and second is Theo now.


The groomer prefers to keep Theo’s ears short which actually has him look a bit like a Wheaten, but more handsome!


We are writing to say we are so incredibly amazed over how LOVING and concerned Theo is for usHe is the kindest, most gentle, most concerned and sweetest dog ever created.

He needs to see me at ALL time…and follows me around the house constantly.  He will wake himself up to see where I am going to quickly follow me.   One day I quickly walked to the front office printer and my son Andrew said “Mom, Theo’s awake and running after you.”

Thank you Countryview for giving us Theo who we could never possibly repay for the love he gives us. 

My husband and I and twin boys are richer and better for having Theo in our lives, in our hearts and on our couch!    And he is great at catching tennis balls!” – Anastasia G——


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