Rosie Is The Princess Of Her Neighbourhood.

Rosie Is The Princess Of Her Neighbourhood.

Here’s a recent update on a precious Labradoodle girl that was born at the end of 2015 and left for her forever home in March 2016.

She’s healthy, happy and so very loved by her family who sent in this photo and update.

“Just wanted to update you on our beautiful girl Rosie!  She was the last of her Dec 30 litter and we brought her home March 15th!

She has been a wonderful addition to our home and is quickly becoming the princess of the neighborhood!  She makes it her business to try and get our cat to play with her every day and is not having much luck.

We love her so very much!

Thank you,

The Rogers Family”

Feel free to enjoy more stories like this one under our “Kind Words” page and if you’d love to have a Labradoodle, like Rosie featured above, now is a good time since we have three healthy litters growing here.

Sweet Labradoodle & Cockapoo Puppies!

Sweet Labradoodle & Cockapoo Puppies!

Countryview is very proud to present this happy litter of EIGHT, little Labradoodle puppies.

Getting them ready for this photo session, I loved how they lay on top of each other, very gentle in nature and so laid back . . . most of them just wanted to lounge and nap . . . so I chose three little ones who didn’t feel like sleeping to show off their beautiful coats of fur.

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Born on March 23, 2016 these three show off the gorgeous chocolate, blonde, and black beauties (just three of the eight) waiting to be chosen!  You really need to come by and see them to really get a feel for each unique personality.  They really are as different as night and day.  (Update:ALL SOLD!).  One boy is available from March 30.

Moving along to our sweet natured Cockapoo puppies.  The one on the left was one curious, little one . . . she kept wanting to hop out and explore the world.  🙂

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These three girls are part of a litter of SEVEN that happily entered the world on March 6, 2016.  We are happy to say that the four siblings have already been chosen.  (UPDATE on 04/25/2016 – ALL ARE SOLD!)

Our family, including the children, help look after these pups by feeding, playing, and cleaning them daily.  They will be vet checked, dewormed and given their first shots at six weeks of age, and then will be ready to leave us.

Please call soon! 519-698-2784. We’d love to help you decide which breed might best fit into your family.

Have a wonderful day!



New Labradoodles . . . Pictures Coming Soon!

New Labradoodles . . . Pictures Coming Soon!

Good Morning!

I was just out to see the black, blonde, and chocolate Labradoodles . . . They are so sweet, but still too small for their first photo session . . . too sleepy and curled up on top of each other, for me to want to bother them.

I’ll let them get their growing done so that by next Friday, April 22, 2016 to be exact, they will be able to pose wonderfully for us.

See you next week, right here, to view our Labradoodles born on March 23, 29 & 30th!

Pictured here we have a sweet girl who was adopted (not too long ago) and certainly has a beautiful, thick coat of fur.  I wish her and her family all the best!


If you’re interested in one of our Labradoodles, please call, and we would love to reserve one for you!  519-698-2784.