A bright, cheery “HELLO” to our fellow readers!  We are so happy to see this gentle rain pitter-pattering and nourishing our fields and gardens with much-needed moisture.

The rain became a wonderful opportunity for us to photograph our new litter of Mini Labradoodles.

We call them “mini” because they are not bred with a Standard Poodle as we have in the past.  We’ve been listening to requests for a smaller Labradoodle and bred our first generation Labradoodle with a smaller, Cocker Spaniel dad.  They definitely are smaller in size than our Standard Labradoodles would be at this age of six weeks old.  We proudly present the result . . . beautiful, really nicely natured pups!  (Update on 08/29/2018: all sold!)  Please check back later on today for the newest litter of Mini Labradoodles that arrived on July 13, 2018.

alt="mini labradoodles for sale in ontario"

Aren’t they precious?  We can’t wait to see who will claim one as their own.  They are so well behaved . . . couldn’t believe how they sat up, bright and alert for their photo session . . . they were able to track and follow my voice and squeaky toy with hardly any coaxing.

All of our puppies here at Countryview Kennel are carefully checked over by a vet, given their first shots, deworming and will come to you microchipped.  Should you ever lose your precious pup, they can be scanned and joyously returned!

Happy Choosing!

P.S.  Check out our sweet Bichon Poodle puppies too. We also photographed a new litter of Cockapoo puppies today!  You can check them out here.




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