Our Labradoodles are known for their kind, gentle, and laid back nature.  They will definitely be your most loyal friend!  Growing to be around 40 lbs and 18 inches in height, they will either take on the more curly coat of the Standard Poodle or a little more straight like the Labrador.  

Born in early April of 2018, we are very pleased to present four boys and four girls in this healthy litter.  NOW SOLD!

alt="labradoodle puppies for sale in ontario"LabradoodleGirlsApril2018

Our beautiful chocolate, blonde and black litter arrived on February 2, 2018.  These are all sold!alt="labradoodles for sale in ontario"alt="labradoodles for sale in ontario"alt="labradoodles for sale in ontario"

Wow!  What a gorgeous litter born on January 10, 2018!  Currently there are two black ones left (one boy and one girl) and two blonde boys!  They are microchipped, dewormed, vet checked and have their first shots!  Ready for you!!!  NOW SOLD!


Here’s a cute updated photo of the boy still available from our December 25, 2018.  Update: He’s found a happy home!

alt="labradoodle puppies for sale in Ontario

This healthy litter of Labradoodles were born on Christmas day!!!  Only one boy left!alt="labradoodle puppies for sale in Ontario"Two boys (on bottom) and four girls in this wonderfully gentle natured litter…..  The girl on the left in the middle photo is spoken for! (Update on 01/18/2018: all are spoken for!)alt="puppies for sale in ontario"So precious!  Born on July 3, 2017 there are three girls pictured on top with their two brothers on the bottom!  The happy girl on the top left is chosen!LabradoodlesJuly3wsPhotographed at almost eight weeks of age, this handsome litter was born on January 6, 2016.  There are two girls (one black and one blonde) left in this gentle-natured litter. (Update on 03/24/2017: All have found a home.)alt=Born on January 5, 2017, we have one female left in this litter photographed at four weeks of age.  What a difference a four weeks makes in these little ones.  Take a look at our litter above born one day later and photographed at almost eight weeks of age.  🙂  Update: all are sold!alt=These two, beautiful, curly coated Labradoodles showcase the colours available in this large litter born on June 30, 2016!  All have found a loving home to call their own.alt=


2 thoughts on “Our LABRADOODLES

  1. Hi i’m interested in the Labradoodles because i think that are so cute and i love dogs, but i need to know how much are they for and i need to know when can i get them.
    Please and thank you


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