So Good To Be Inside On This Blustery Day!

So Good To Be Inside On This Blustery Day!

Yes, it’s toasty and warm inside Countryview while the storm of the season is whipping around us.  So toasty warm, that I needed to remove my jacket to photograph these sweet puppies for you!  alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario countryview kennel"Congratulations to the mama who birthed this amazing litter of nine Cockapoo puppies!  Four girls and five boys in this happy litter.  Please note that the girl sitting on the left side in the top image is spoken for!  Please call (no emails please) if you are interested.  519-698-2784 on Monday through Saturday.

They wiggled into our world on the last day of 2018!  Happy New Year, little ones!  We are so glad that you are here!CockapooDecember30wsCockapooDecember30BoyswsCheck out our beautiful, chocolate-colored Mini Labradoodles that were also photographed at the same time!  These are two of nine, gorgeous, really gentle-in-nature pups.  Check out the whole litter here.alt="mini labradoodle puppies for sale in ontario"Thank you so much for your interest and for taking the time to stop by our blog.

Cockapoo Puppies To Warm Your Heart

Cockapoo Puppies To Warm Your Heart

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"What a beautiful, cold and blustery January day to photograph these sweet Cockapoo puppies!

As the bitter wind wildly whips around the snow here in the Waterloo Region, Countryview Kennel hopes to warm your heart with these sweethearts!

So thrilled to present to you our December-born Cockapoo litters.  This first litter arrived on December 17, 2018.  All the girls and one boy (the lightest one) are spoken for!  If you’re interested in one of the three boys still available, please call us soon at 519-698-2784!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Believe it or not, our December 21, 2018 litter is sold out!  There are families waiting for these little ones to grow old enough to leave us.  First they need to be checked over by the vet, given their first shots and deworming!  Once they have received their health papers AND are old enough to leave their mama, they will leave us and go home with those who are happily waiting!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

These photos are for you, our waiting customers.   Yes, they are for our readers too.  🙂 Enjoy!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

It was such fun to get these little ones ready for their photo session this morning . . . Especially since it is only ONE week until Christmas!alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario at countryview kennel"(Update: ALL SOLD!)

These sweethearts arrived on November 13, 2018, to a first generation Cockapoo mama and a pure Mini Poodle dad!  You have got to love the curly coat and beautiful colors!!!

There are three Cockapoo girls (bottom image) and two, handsome boys waiting to be chosen.  Please take a look!  They are such well behaved little ones that made photographing them a breeze.alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario 2018"I do have to let you know that the little girl sitting in the middle has already been chosen.  I’m sure her family can’t wait until she’s old enough to go home!

Cockapoos are the most popular breed here at Countryview Kennel.  So please call soon if you’d like to take one home!

All of our images are available for purchase.  Please contact our photographer here.

This is our very last litter of 2018!  We kindly thank all our customers and followers and look forward to serving you in the New Year!


So Excited To Show Off Our COCKAPOOs!

So Excited To Show Off Our COCKAPOOs!

There is always something to be grateful for . . . even on this blustery, dreary November day.  Grab a cup of steaming tea or coffee and come sit a while.  I’m sure these cuties will brighten your day as much as they do mine!

Our newest litter of Cockapoo puppies was photographed just this morning!  The photographer arrived bright and early to capture their bright eyes and button noses for you!  Isn’t this boy adorable?  He’s probably the most active in the litter, but seemed to really love the camera.  He’s black, brown with a bit of white in color.  Just beautiful!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Five bouncing boys and one little girl made their appearance on September 26, 2018.  They are healthy, happy and busy eating, playing and growing.  The little girl (bottom photo in the center) has already been chosen by her forever family!  Update on Nov. 19th: The dark one is left and so is the one on the bottom left!  Happy choosing!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

All of us here at Countryview can’t wait to see who will come to choose the boys in this litter.  We do operate on a first come, first serve basis since our Cockapoo puppies are very sought after and move quickly.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and meeting you and your loved ones to choose your new family member!  You can reach us by calling 519-698-2784 on Monday through Saturday!

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy browsing through our blog.  Be sure to check out the “kind words” emailed to us by customers who like to send us updates on how their dog is doing!



Gentle Labradoodles Born In April!

Gentle Labradoodles Born In April!

The cold April days were brightened by this adorable Labradoodle litter making their appearance early in the month!

Now, at six weeks old, these little ones received their first shots just today and were given their health check by the vet who has deemed each one healthy!  They also experienced their first photo session, here at Countryview, where they behaved absolutely wonderful!  Each and everyone of them was very alert and happy to pose for us.

We are very pleased to present to you, four happy boys.  The two boys on top are spoken for. alt="labradoodle puppies for sale in ontario"

There are also FOUR beautiful girls.  The little blondie in the bottom photo is sold!


Aren’t they all just beautiful?  Please contact us at 519-698-2784 if you have any questions about this very gentle and loyal breed.  We look forward to assisting you!

P.S. Enjoy reading kind words from our previous customers here.

Photography by


Only ONE Handsome Boy Left!!!

Only ONE Handsome Boy Left!!!

Yes, there is only one handsome boy left in our Christmas Day litter of our Labradoodles.

alt="labradoodle puppies for sale in ontario"This boy is busy eating, playing, and growing.  This morning we got him to pose for us just as he was ready to go for a nap.  We thought he would be less likely to hop out of the basket, which turned out to be true.  But he was so sleepy, he just wanted to curl up inside, all cuddly and cozy.  We coaxed him a bit and finally he peeked over and showed us his big beautiful eyes, and handsome nose.  Check out the difference from a few weeks back when we photographed the whole litter.

He’s so sweet.  Our Labradoodles at Countryview Kennel are known to be a very gentle breed!  Check out the kind words sent to us from previous customers . . . And, as always, he is vet checked, dewormed, has his first shots, and comes micro-chipped.  This is something new we started in 2018 to ensure your peace of mind, should he become lost.

Call soon!  We can’t wait to meet his forever family.  519-698-2784.

Updates on Jasper & Sprout . . . A Cockapoo and a Labradoodle!

Updates on Jasper & Sprout . . . A Cockapoo and a Labradoodle!


What a treat to open up my email today and see this beautiful photo of a sweet Cockapoo that was purchased from us here at Countryview Kennel.

Jasper now lives in Guelph, Ontario with his family and they write:

“Hello, I wanted to give you an update on Jasper, a cockapoo puppy we purchased from you in March of this year. Jasper is a wonderful addition to our home. He is a smart, playful puppy who loves to please. Here is a photo of him taken when he was 12 weeks old.”

– The Chamberlain Family, Guelph.

He looks like he’s really growing and doing amazing!  We thank you so much for sending in this photo and for letting us know what a wonderful, smart puppy you have!

And then there was this wonderful note and photos sent to us from one of our Labradoodles who went home last fall . . . His family writes:

“Hi, We want to share an update on the puppy we purchased from you last September 2016. We are absolutely in love with our Labradoodle, Sprout. He has brought much joy and love to our family. He is calm and obedient yet attentive when we train him. He is great with our two children and the many visitors that come to our home. He loves the great outdoors and we enjoy walking him morning and evening rain/snow or shine!”  Warm regards, Andy and Tiffany”

Sprout at 3 months of age.  He has loved sticks since day 1.


Sprout at 8 months of age.

Thank you, Andy and Tiffany, for sharing your handsome Sprout with us and our readers!  Best wishes to you and Sprout in the coming years!!!

I love reading those letters!  For those who would like to see more photos of puppies and kind words from our customers, please check them on here.

Have a wonderful day!!!